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500彩票网app:New Rich Capital Investment Strategy Weekly (June 4th to June 8th)

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内容摘要:a market last week recalled1, macroeconomic policy and domestic policy1, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: CDR is currently supporting pilot has ...

a market last week recalled

1, macroeconomic policy and domestic policy

1, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: CDR is currently supporting pilot has completed rulemaking and technical tests, the preparatory work has been basically completed, will be released mid-month Related systems.

2. Shenzhen Stock Exchange's city work on carbon emission Q\u0026A: Further improve the implementation system of major illegal forced delisting.

3. The China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission: It is planned to cancel the shareholding limit of the foreign-invested shares of Chinese capital bank and financial asset management company.

In April and June, when the central bank raises interest rates is a high-probability event, it is expected that there will be a reduction in the number of operations during the year.

5. The Securities Regulatory Commission issued an IPO approval on June 8. The total amount of funds raised by the two companies shall not exceed 2.1 billion yuan.

Domestic economy

1. China's May import and export growth rate of was better than expected. In terms of RMB, May's exports increased by 3.2% year-on-year, expected 1.9% from the previous value of 3.7%; imports increased by 15.6% and expected 9.4% from the previous value of 11.6%.

2. On June 8, the domestic new round of refined oil price The price adjustment window will be opened again: 130 yuan per ton of gasoline and 125 yuan for diesel. The price of gasoline equivalent to No. 92 is reduced by 0.10 yuan per liter, No. 95 gasoline is reduced by 0.11 yuan per liter, and No. 0 diesel is adjusted by 0.11 yuan per liter.

3. Data shows that as of June 8th, 2018, the cumulative turnover of 30 large and medium-sized cities real estate transaction area has decreased by 21.79% compared with the same period of last year, down from -21.47% last week.

4. Steel: The comprehensive steel price index rose slightly this week. Steel prices in various regions have risen in an all-round way, and all types of steel prices have risen.

5. Cement: The price of cement in the national market this week was lower than that of the previous month, down by 0.2%.

Domestic Industry

1. Centaline Property Data: From January to May of 2018, the number of national real estate control policies was announced as many as 159 times, an increase of 60% from January to May 2017. Among them, in May, more than 40 cities throughout the country issued control policies, the cumulative total of up to 50 times that month, a single month of real estate control policies to refresh the historical record.

2. China ICT: China's smart phone shipments in May increased by 1.7% from the same period of last year, and the shipments for the 14 months ended in a single month decreased year-on-year.

3. China imported 190 million tons of crude oil in the first five months of the year, an increase of 8% year-on-year, and the average import price rose by 15.6%; soybean imports fell by 2.6%, and the average import price fell by 6.9%.

4. In 2018, Hebei Province dismantled the excess capacity of the coal industry and planned to close (capacity to withdraw) 22 coal mines, with a total capacity of 12.17 million tons. Among them, 21 mines were shut down with a capacity of 11.62 million tons, and there was a capacity reduction of 1 coal mine with a production capacity of 550,000 tons.

5. Beijing's personal new energy minibus index has been completely exhausted. More than 280,000 applicants are on the waiting list. New applicants must wait at least five years (2024).

6. From the average selling price of commercial pigs in May, the average selling price of several breeding companies stopped falling and rebounded, showing a slight increase on a month-on-month basis. However, the average sales price in May was still below the cost line and was at a loss.

Global Economy

1. This week, the Dow rose 2.77%, the Nasdaq gained 1.21%, and the S\u0026P 500 rose 1.62%. G7 summit is being held, the market concerned about the development of the situation international trade . Investors are still waiting for the Fed’s monetary policy meeting next week.

2. The three major European stock indexes fell collectively. The FTSE 100 index closed down 0.3% to 7681.07 points, down 0.27% on weekdays; France's CAC40 index closed up 0.03% to 5,540.22 points, down 0.28% on weekdays; Germany's DAX index closed down 0.35% to 12,766.55 points, up 0.33%.

3, NYMEX crude oil futures fell 0.59%, reported at 65.56 US dollars / barrel, down 0.38% this week, the third consecutive week of decline. COMEX gold futures closed up 0.04% at $1303.5/oz, up 0.32% over the week. Most of London's base metals fell.

4. Onshore renminbi exchanges against US dollar at 16:30 closed at 6.4097, down 164 points from the previous trading day. This week, the cumulative renminbi rose by 72 points, ending a three-week losing streak. The US dollar index rose 0.12% to 93.5509; the US dollar index fell 0.68% this week, recording the largest weekly decline since the end of March. The market is waiting for the decision of the US, European and Japan Central Bank's interest rate .

2, secondary market performance

the broader market this week, the Shanghai Composite fell

7.99 points, or 0.26 percent, closing at 3067 points, a slight pullback. The index of on behalf of large-cap stocks rose 508.8% on the 50, on the GEM rose 0.12% on , small-cap stocks rose even smaller. This week, the turnover of the Shanghai Composite Index was 810.7 billion yuan, a slight decrease from the previous week's turnover. After small-cap stocks fell sharply last week, they rebounded this week and continued to fall.

Individual stocks and industry sectors, 1,374 stocks rose this week, which accounted for 41% of the total number of A shares. The average total market value was RMB 17.1 billion, which was RMB 9.7 billion less than the previous week. These rising stock industry (SW level industry classification) distribution, the total number of stocks rising industry accounted for the ratio of the top six sectors are:

electronic household appliances 47% 53%

food and beverage 35%

Steel 58%

Medicine Biology 39%

Transportation 39%

A total of 1920 stocks fell this week, accounting for 59% of the total number of A-shares. The average market value was RMB 17.3 billion, an increase of RMB 1.9 billion from the previous week. The industry distribution of these shares, the number of total shares fell accounting industry ratio of the top six sectors are:

electrical equipment 63% 84%

commercial trade

textile and clothing

animal husbandry and fishery 65% ??59% 71% Media

Utilities 71%

The following chart shows the distribution of all the ups and downs of the new stocks that have not been suspended this week and the non-word limit. The average return was -0.26%, the median was -0.44%, the standard deviation was 5.22%, the skewness was 0.32, and the kurtosis was 16.5. The return average is smaller than the index return, indicating that the small-cap stocks led the decline; the standard deviation decreased compared with last week, showing the distribution near the average is more concentrated than last week; the skewness is less than last week, indicating that the right tail is longer than the left, and The decrease in degree; kurtosis increased from last week and was greater than the normal distribution of kurtosis value of 3, indicating that extreme returns have increased over the previous week, showing that the performance of stocks has been falling as the market continues to decline.


peripheral performance

On the external front, the US Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 2.77% this week. The dollar index fell 0.68% this week. Offshore renminbi against the US dollar fell 0.23%. Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index rose 1.53% this week , or 465 points to close at 30,958 points.

Second, the new rich investment strategy and focus on the theme

we believe that the recent investment strategy

overlay multiple risks, the market is still in shock the city, we recommend investors to control the position, select the subject of cash flow hedge better defense, the proper opportunity to participate in the theme, Wait for market risk release.

Key Themes

Suggestions for Attention: 1. Consumption of white horses: good cash flow, low external disturbances, high certainty of performance; concern for food, beverages, medicine, and household appliances; 2. Subject: new energy vehicles (short-term production and sales data for May increase and significantly speed up inventory in the third quarter peak season demand will gradually release).





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